My Financial Mind

My Financial Mind

The mind plays a very important role in the life of an individual.

Studies reveal that the human mind is divided into 4 sections, and these sections determine how we think.

The four sections are as follows – abstract sequential, concrete sequential, abstract random, and concrete random. People who have a sound financial mind usually fall under the concrete sequential section.

The concrete sequential section of te mind is responsible for actions like getting facts, following directions, logical sequence, predictability, and order.

In today’s difficult times, people need help especially in financial management. Handling our finances is a great challenge and because of this, a lot of people suffer from financial stress.

A sad fact is that many individuals are in debt, even some of the rich and famous.  Many countries are also experiencing financial trouble, and this contributes to personal bankruptcies.

Money produces great anxiety and stress, and this is primarily because people don’t know how to use it properly.

If we want to have peace of mind, it is important that we don’t focus solely on acquiring material things.

I see to it that I recognize the things that I have, and be thankful because there are less fortunate people. I don’t see money or work as a means of satisfying wants and needs.

Regardless of what we have, contentment is vital.

When you have huge debts, you tend to be irritable, frustrated, and anxious. Your mind is telling you that there is something wrong.

However, if you are able to apply the principles above, you will begin to have peace of mind. This is what I try to follow, and this is how my financial mind works.

Having a positive mindset is very crucial. Even if I am in debt, I strive hard to settle my dues on time, and don’t put off what I can settle today for tomorrow.

Otherwise, my debt will continue to increase. You must take responsibility in all your actions, and learn to live within your means.

You must be aware of all your financial responsibilities, and set aside personal savings. By doing so, you will be prepared for any financial problem that you may encounter.

This is what my financial mind tells me what to do. Putting aside savings is vital, and according to experts, having savings that is equivalent to six month’s salary is necessary before you can start making investments.

It is said that when the concrete sequential section of the brain is at work, you will function well in an organized or structured environment.

All your ideas are applied in a sensible way, and you don’t have problems in relying certain tasks to people you can depend on.

As long as you know how the mind works, you can deal with financial problems with ease. It is normal for an individual or families to encounter problems with finances.

However, if you can change how you view such problems, and you introduce changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to live a debt-free and stress-free life.